British Girls Politely Snigger Each Time People Put on These four Gadgets

British Women Politely Laugh Every Time Americans Wear These 4 Items

Whereas it could be totally un-British to chuckle about anybody else’s model decisions (we Brits are far too well mannered for that), I’ll say that as a Brit residing in Los Angeles for over 12 years, I’ve picked up on sure American sartorial tendencies that I’ve discovered relatively distinct and humorous. I recall being shocked on my first brunch date in Santa Monica the place everybody appeared like they’d simply stepped out of the gymnasium (minus the sweat, after all). This can be a far cry from the UK, the place you’d by no means meet mates for lunch in yoga pants or sports activities gear in case you aren’t really planning on doing sports activities. (Full disclosure: 12 years later, I now appear like I’m going the gymnasium too.)

Whereas we love expressing our adoration for traditional French model right here on Who What Put on, it’s the Brits who take extra model dangers, exude an edgier aesthetic, and are decidedly particular person of their model decisions. Who What Put on UK’s assistant editor, Pleasure Montgomery, describes among the key traits of British model: “Eccentricity must be on the prime of the checklist. Whereas we marvel at New Yorker’s skilled polish or L.A.’s laid-back cool, we Brits possess a sure nerdy quirkiness that manifests in chunky, hand-knitted jumpers, heritage materials, and off-beat equipment—we championed ‘ugly’ developments method earlier than they hit the mainstream. Our muses embrace Alexa Chung, Vivienne Westwood, and Cara Delevingne—all splendidly bizarre in their very own methods but additionally undeniably cool.”

So what are the items that People put on that Brits assume are a tad humorous? Scroll beneath for my firsthand vogue observations.

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