I have never had a chilly in four years, listed below are my secrets and techniques

I haven't had a cold in 4 years, here are my secrets

“I truthfully can’t bear in mind the final time I got here down with a chilly, but alone flu,” says Nick Powell, a peak efficiency coach who works with high-achieving entrepreneurs and senior leaders.

Nick is the creator of Limitless, a e book containing twelve methods to allow you to ‘biohack’ your solution to distinctive efficiency, similar to Bradley Cooper within the hit film, Limitless. In addition to attending to grips with sleep, weight loss plan, meditation and train, Nick teaches individuals all about fasting, sensible medication, gentle remedy, Coronary heart Charge Variability coaching, toxin publicity, chilly remedy, ketogenic diets and time-efficient train.

It is this lifestyle, he says, that has helped him stave off a chilly for the previous four years. “The important thing to avoiding a chilly, is to make sure your immune system is as robust as doable and this can be a lot simpler than you suppose,” he says. So how can we enhance our immune system and beat a chilly similar to Nick? Right here, he shares four easy methods to reinforce your immunity and keep away from ever getting a chilly once more.

Keep away from overuse of antibiotics

If you take antibiotics, you might be mainly dropping a nuclear bomb in your intestine microbiome and killing off not solely the dangerous but in addition the great micro organism. This in flip weakens your immune system. Disclaimer alert – antibiotics have their place in medication and save lives, so I’m not advocating by no means taking them however ask your physician if there may be an alternate.

It’s not simply medicines the place you discover antibiotics, a staggering three quarters of the world’s antibiotics are utilized in animal manufacturing unit farms and guess what – we find yourself consuming it. Supply your meat from a farm that solely feeds their animals on grass and is antibiotic-free.

Get soiled

What did all of us do earlier than we had hand sanitisers all over the place? We have now change into obsessive about being ‘tremendous clear’ however utilizing sanitisers on a constant foundation is killing off the great and dangerous micro organism. Triclosan is the lively part in most sanitisers and has been linked with immune system suppression, altering hormones and serving to germs change into proof against antibiotics.

Have you learnt how wholesome your vagina’s microbiome is? Since you in all probability ought to…


Each 6 months I’ve my intestine microbiome analysed which tells me how wholesome my intestine microbiome is and what meals I needs to be having fun with and avoiding with the intention to enhance my intestine well being and subsequently my immune system.

A day by day probiotic is the simplest however efficient factor you are able to do for higher wellness, listed below are our favourites…

Take quick motion

For those who really feel a chilly approaching, then take excessive dose liposomal Vitamin C instantly (2000 mg). Within the morning, I then take Vitamin C (2,000 mg), Vitamin D (5,000iu), Vitamin Ok and Zinc (tbc). Within the night, I then take an extra 2,000 mg of Vitamin C.

This for me works 100% of the time however you want to do it earlier than the chilly takes maintain. I’ve a wearable machine that screens my physique temperature at evening, so once I see it improve, I take the above protocol even when I don’t have signs.

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