It: Chapter Two: That Lengthy, Loopy Ending, Defined

It: Chapter Two: That Long, Crazy Ending, Explained

This put up incorporates spoilers for It: Chapter Two.

Earlier than It: Chapter Two even hit theaters, a single facet of the movie captured everybody’s consideration: its gargantuan operating time. The movie clocks in at virtually three hours, and about one third of that span could possibly be described as its “ending”—which places even marathon conclusions like Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King to disgrace. The Losers’ Membership simply retains pondering that they’ve defeated the Pied Piper–like dancing clown Pennywise, solely to search out out that he’s nonetheless, the truth is, alive and preventing.

As anticipated, nonetheless, the group does lastly greatest their childhood tormentor—and in the long run, every of them will get their very own heartwarming coda.

The motion kicks off when the group reunites within the sewers to battle Pennywise on his dwelling turf. Based on the movie’s lore—a truncated model of what might be present in Stephen King’s unique novel—Pennywise is an alien who arrived on Earth way back. The Native Individuals he encountered carried out a ceremony—the Ritual of Chüd—to entice Pennywise. It’s this ceremony that Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa) needs the Losers to carry out as soon as extra. (For the file, it’s unclear why Mike ever thought that doing this might work, since Pennywise has already returned regardless of the ritual.)

At first, the group believes they’ve succeeded. However viewers seemingly know higher. Quickly sufficient, Pennywise seems, and the battle begins in earnest. As within the 1990 ABC miniseries, which starred Tim Curry because the terrifying clown, Pennywise takes the type of a large spider for the ultimate battle. (Based on King’s e-book, Pennywise truly is a spider—form of. That’s actually simply the closest visible approximation to what Pennywise’s true kind truly is, not less than to our puny human minds.) Every of the Losers then faces one other particular person nightmare, and every virtually dies. For many who had not but picked up on the movie’s queer subtext, it’s throughout this battle that it mainly turns into textual content: Eddie (James Ransone) saves Richie (Invoice Hader) from Pennywise by impaling Pennywise with a wrought iron spike. He rushes to Richie’s facet, however Pennywise—who’s, shock, nonetheless alive!—stabs Eddie and throws him throughout the sewer lair.

Richie is sort of inconsolable, and stays that manner via the tip of the battle and afterward. However simply earlier than he dies, Eddie reminds the group of a key truth they’d all forgotten: Pennywise is simply as robust as his circumstances permit. If he’s in a small room, he turns into small. And if his sufferer believes him to be powerless, he’ll change into powerless.

And so the group figures out that their greatest guess is, primarily, to bully the bully: They mock Pennywise, telling him he isn’t scary. Humiliated, Pennywise begins to shrink, reworking into an virtually Benjamin Button–like, melted clown-baby. (His pout and his pleading eyes border on comical, accentuating simply how powerless he has change into.) Mike rips the clown’s coronary heart from his chest, and the group destroys it. Then the crew escapes the sewer and the home that sits above it because the construction collapses.

After a short, emotional dip within the quarry—a callback to the primary movie—the happy-ending parade commences. Invoice lastly finishes his novel; Bev and Ben change into an merchandise; Mike, the one member of the group who had remained in Derry all through his life, lastly decides to maneuver; and Richie, who remains to be within the closet as a homosexual man, returns to a bridge the place he as soon as carved his and Eddie’s first initials, etching them as soon as extra, deeper into the wooden.

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