Mined diamonds trigger one annual damage per 1,000 staff, agency states

Mined diamonds cause one annual injury per 1,000 workers, firm

Mined diamonds end in one damage for each 1,000 staff yearly, in line with lab-grown diamond (LGD) producer and wholesaler LooseGrownDiamond.com.

The agency additionally acknowledged that mined diamonds end in 80 days of misplaced work per 1,000 staff yearly, in comparison with no misplaced work time for LGDs.

An infographic launched by the New York-based group additionally focused the price of pure diamonds by claiming that LGDs are 40-50% cheaper per carat than mined diamonds.

Environmental sustainability was additionally positioned into concentrate on the infographic, with the corporate stating that 1ct of LGDs disrupts zero.07sq ft of land and produces 1lbs of mineral waste.

The identical quantity of mined diamonds supposedly disrupt roughly 100sq ft of land and create 6,000lbs of mineral waste.

Regardless of the variations in sustainability, LooseGrownDiamond.com stated that “a lab created diamond is a diamond made from the identical materials as pure diamonds”.

The group added that LGDs are “pure carbon, crystalised in an isotropic 3D type”, making them “utterly similar” to mined diamonds aside from their creation course of.

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