Squirrels Invading your Backyard? Not a Drawback!

Squirrels Invading your Garden? Not a Problem!

Irritating, naughty, and at all times tremendous prepared for motion, squirrels are typically a step forward with regards to inflicting havoc to your vegetable and flower beds. Most often, you must use quite a lot of strategies to maintain these pesky pests at bay.

However, first issues first – what vegetation do squirrels eat?

For starters, these rodents will eat the identical vegetation that you just do, together with veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries. On prime of that, they relish tulip blossoms and bulbs. Even then, there are some vegetation that they don’t like. Some are poisonous, comparable to crocus and daffodils. 

Common Squirrel Prevention

Like another pests, squirrels are opportunists. In different phrases, they won’t hesitate to eat something low mendacity in your gardens given the prospect. You will note them hanging round your chook feeders ready for seeds to spill on to the bottom.

In such a state of affairs, what do you have to do? Surrender on feeding your birds? No! As an alternative, you need to go for much less palatable feed comparable to safflower seed. Or, you’ll be able to select to deal with the seeds with cayenne pepper to discourage the hungry squirrels.

Additionally, just be sure you preserve your backyard clear to discourage hungry animals from gathering. Keep in mind to eliminate any dropped veggies and fruits after harvesting. In fact, you must clear foodstuffs that draw squirrels comparable to black walnuts, acorns, and leftover pet meals.

What about having canine and cats in your house? Certain, the sight of a predator can scare squirrels. Take into accout although that your pets should sleep, giving an opportunity to the fast rodent to proceed inflicting harm. In addition to, cats and canine can nib and dig, creating much more issues.

Everlasting Squirrel Prevention

Squirrels will preserve coming again, so long as there’s one thing they will eat in your backyard. It’s a good suggestion to seek out methods to discourage them as soon as and for all. Right here’s how;

Critter Fencing and Netting

Fencing is among the best methods to maintain pests out of your backyard. Nevertheless, squirrels are glorious climbers, and you may anticipate them to scale any fence in a second. Plus, they will drop from overhanging wires and branches into the fenced space.

Nonetheless, you’ll be able to mount fences made utilizing particular plastic. The construction of the barrier is flimsy, which makes it tough for the rodents to climb. For the very best outcomes, be sure you dig into the bottom a few inches to stop the animal from burrowing below your fence.

You may also go for a sturdy fence and canopy the highest if the realm shouldn’t be too giant. Keep in mind to safe the netting alongside the sides of your wall to make sure that squirrels don’t squeeze by. On that observe, go to Critterfence to view a group of fences that may assist you to preserve the cussed squirrels out of your backyard.

Take away Attractant Plant Matter

Sure, at occasions, all you’ll want to do is to eliminate something that may appeal to squirrels into your farm. Consider it as a technique to make your backyard much less enticing to the rodents. Rake your compound frequently in case you have nut bushes. Prune any vegetation which are about to seed or cowl the seed head with polythene baggage. Decide your ripe berries in good time or cowl them with netting. 


You’ll be able to apply a thick layer of leaf mulch or natural materials in your backyard to discourage squirrels from digging. Mulching additionally helps stop moisture loss.

It’s important to say that mulching can have the other impact, with some squirrels relishing digging within the mulch. So, experiment with several types of mulch to find out which one can preserve the critters away. Add a spritz of cayenne pepper on prime.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to place a layer of wire mesh beneath the mulch to stop squirrels from digging deep into the soil. The truth is, it is a good technique to guard your bulbs throughout winter when squirrels like to dig for nuts.

Squirrel Decoys

Faux snakes, owls, and different decoys will help preserve squirrels out of your backyard, despite the fact that for a restricted time. Mount decoys that contain motion comparable to movement activated sprinklers to scare the rodent. You have to should preserve altering the placement to make them extra environment friendly. 

The Backside Line

Squirrels can wreak havoc in your backyard in the event you don’t take pressing management measures. Nevertheless, with the correct mixture of strategies above, you shouldn’t have an issue managing the state of affairs .

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