That is precisely what your lips are desperately attempting to let you know about your well being

This is exactly what your lips are desperately trying to tell you about your health

You may move off dry lips as nothing greater than a light annoyance however there may be a a lot deeper-rooted that means.

In keeping with Ayurveda and different conventional modalities of medication, the lips can truly assist us acquire an perception into the interior workings of the physique.

“The higher lip represents the lungs, thyroid, coronary heart, abdomen, liver and kidneys whereas the complete decrease lip is a mirrored image of the intestines,” says Ayurvedic well being practitioner, healer and Kundalini yoga trainer, Hari Simran Khalsa, writing for Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics weblog.

Whereas she maintains it takes expertise and a seasoned practitioner to learn the lips with precision, there is a easy approach you’ll be able to analyse your lips at dwelling along with her helpful information.

Seize a mirror and have an extended, laborious have a look at your pout then use the information under to evaluate what your lips may properly be telling you about your wellbeing and emotional disposition.

Dry/chapped lips: Dryness within the physique because of local weather, dehydration, stress, nervousness, worry.

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Cracked or peeling lips: Heartache, fear, dryness within the physique, feeling chilly.

Discoloration or pale color within the lips: Lack of correct circulation all through the physique.

Sizzling/burning/crimson lips: Irritation or an excessive amount of warmth throughout the physique because of overly spicy meals, an excessive amount of sugar, alcohol or caffeine. Heated feelings equivalent to: anger, jealousy, resentment, irritation, lack of compassionate expression.

Wrinkles within the higher lip: Smoking, bodily or psychological stress, irritation, fear, worry.

Quivering lips: Fatigue, weak nervous system, worry, self-doubt, emotional stress.

As soon as you have recognized what your lips may infer about your well being, take some self-care steps to make sure you’re addressing these points.

Hari Simran Khalsa suggests treating your lips with a very good topical lip balm, making certain your hydration ranges are excessive always and indulging in a spot of meditation and deep respiratory workouts.

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